Learning to Create


Customised Pottery

The modern world has mass produced nearly everything. Fortunately, there is still room for individual expression and creativity. This especially applies to works of art. Not every artist can create what their buyers need without input. Fortunately, many artists are willing to work with buyers to create the item they desire. While the cost is generally quite a bit higher than purchasing a ready-made piece of art, it can be well worth the price.

Working with an artist to make an exclusive piece means doing a bit of homework. Many buyers have an idea of what they want. They have seen it before, but it wasn't quite right for them or their setting. It is important to be able to tell the artist exactly what will be right, or paying for a custom-made piece of art will not be worth the cost. Pictures tell a thousand words, and it is best to get as many pictures as possible.

For those who have a good idea of what they want, finding pieces almost like their vision is a good idea. They can show the artist what they want and may be able to describe what they don't like about the pieces. If size is an issue, make sure the artist knows how large or small the piece needs to be. Colors are important as well. If the piece needs to match the furnishings in the den, bring along a swatch if possible. If a swatch is not available, at least bring a picture of the room. This will help the artist to match the colors correctly.

It will take a bit of effort in order to make sure the artist knows exactly what is desired. This effort is on the part of the buyer as well as the artist. Making just the right piece is important for both parties. The artist wants a satisfied customer, and the buyer wants their hunt for the perfect art object to be at an end. Satisfying both parties will take communication and the ability to create together. In the end, it will be an intensely gratifying experience for both parties.